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4 Common Misconceptions About Mommy Makeovers

4 Common Misconceptions About Mommy Makeovers

Sometimes becoming the “new you” means getting back to the “old you”. Any mother can tell you: Bringing a child into the world changes you. And some of those changes might not be ones you want sticking around for the rest of your life. That’s where getting back to the “old you” comes in: Thanks to mommy makeovers, you can restore your body back to its pre-childbirth state! At the office of board certified plastic surgeon Richard J. Brown, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about mommy makeovers. It’s a very popular procedure AND a highly misunderstood one. A lot of misconceptions surround this life-changing, life-enhancing process. Let us clear up the confusion by debunking four of the most common misconceptions about mommy makeovers.
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Why We Started #ReleaseYourInnerBeauty

Everybody is beautiful. That’s something we believe down to the core of our beings here at the offices of Scottsdale board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard J. Brown. Each day we have the pleasure of working with patients who are intelligent, caring, and accomplished. They’re drop-dead gorgeous, both inside and out. But not everyone sees it that way. The thing is, you can be perfectly happy with yourself as a person and still feel out of place in your own skin. Just because you are successful and intelligent and have a happy, loving family doesn’t mean you’ll feel beautiful. Sometimes in spite of all your accomplishments, you simply don’t feel whole.
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4 things you should know before breast augmentation surgery

4 Things to Know Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Are you thinking about getting breast augmentation surgery done? You’re not the only one: It’s the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the U.S.! According to a report from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were nearly 300,000 breast augmentations performed in 2014. If you’re considering getting implants or a fat transfer breast augmentation, there are some things you need to know before fully committing. At the office of board-certified plastic surgeon Richard J. Brown, we know how just powerful and life-changing a breast augmentation can be. We also know that it’s a major procedure, and one that our patients should prepare themselves for. It can take time to heal and adjust to all the changes, both physical AND mental, that you will go through as part of this procedure. Here are four things you need to know before getting a breast augmentation surgery.
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things to know before a mommy makeover

5 Things to Know Before Having a Mommy Makeover

Few changes are as fulfilling, meaningful and powerful as giving birth to a child. It’s a great big change to your life, to your family and to the world itself. But it also means a bunch of small changes for your body, as well. You may end up with more weight, you may get stretchmarks, or your breasts may change shape or lose volume. You feel grateful for the big change you’ve brought into the world but wishing you still had the body you had before it happened. But like the old saying goes: change is good. Mothers who want to get back in touch with the active bodies they had before pregnancy may not have access to a time machine, but they have the next best thing available to them: a mommy makeover! A series of surgical procedures, mommy makeovers use a combination of tummy tucks, liposuction and breast surgeries to restore mothers back to their pre-childbirth bodies.
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benefits of breast augmentation

3 Unexpected Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentations can do more than just change your body: They can change your life! While the physical changes and benefits brought on by getting breast implants, lifts or reductions are easy to see, what isn’t immediately apparent is the psychological and social benefits of breast augmentation. But studies have shown that there are very real psychological benefits to augmentation surgeries — you won’t just be a new you on the outside.
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myths about breast augmentation

5 Common Myths About Breast Augmentation

There’s no denying that breast augmentation is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. It was the most common cosmetic surgical procedure last year with nearly 300,000 procedures, up 35 percent in the past 15 years. But as breast augmentation increases in popularity, so do the myths that annually deter women from getting a procedure that could boost their confidence and make them feel more like themselves.
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Can Breast Implants Pop?

At the Scottsdale offices of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard J. Brown, patients often come to us for breast enhancement surgery using breast implants. During initial consultations, we repeatedly hear the same question -- “Can breast implants pop?”
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How to Tell if Your Implant is Leaking

home-girlIt is estimated that between 5 to 10 million women worldwide have breast implants. Implants are used for a variety of reasons including cosmetic or to augment breast tissue after cancer surgery. In any case, breast implants for most women who have them can provide a boost of esteem and confidence in their looks.
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How Big is Too Big for Breast Implants?

100932971When it comes to choosing the size of implants you want for your breasts, there are a few key factors that every woman should consider. Many of us have heard the stories from the tabloids about famous women who have had breast implants the first time only to go back a second or third time to either have the implants removed or replaced with something smaller. Most women want to avoid multiple surgeries and would rather choose the right size for them from the beginning.
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How to Tell if My Body is Rejecting My Implants

How to Tell if My Body is Rejecting My ImplantsChoosing to have breast implants is a big decision; one that requires some careful consideration and a fair amount of research. Women considering breast implants often consider any and all negatives as well as the positives, hoping to feel more alert and knowledgeable before moving forward with the procedure. These negatives typically include scarring, rupturing and rejection of the implants. It is important to know that there is nothing in a breast implant for our bodies to reject. Implants are either silicone or saline and both are safe enough to be placed in our bodies without fear of rejection. People often think of organ transplants in the body, which can be rejected, and make the mistake of comparing these to breast implants. Even though our bodies cannot technically “reject” implants, there can be mild irritation felt in the breast after implant surgery as the body works to form a shell around the implant. There may be swelling as well, but this is not uncommon. There are a few things that you will want to watch for during the first several days after your surgery is complete. These include the following:
  •      Discharge from the location where the implant was introduced
  •      Extreme swelling on one or both sides
  •      Significant increase in sweating during the night
  •      Tenderness or pain
  •      Breasts are hot to the touch and appear red
Even if you should notice one of these symptoms, it does not automatically mean that there is a major issue. It could be a sign of infection that needs to be addressed. You should definitely let your doctor know so that he or she can make a determination if further procedures are necessary. Formation of Capsules Our bodies work quickly to adapt to foreign objects, including breast implants. Once an implant is inserted into the body, our immune system begins to develop a membrane that surrounds it. This is absolutely normal and usually causes no issues whatsoever. As this membrane continues to thicken, a capsule is formed around the implant and begins to contract. This can cause a significant amount of pressure felt in the breasts, causing the breast to become hard. Capsule contraction can be alarming to some women and often gives them the idea that something is wrong or that their body is rejecting the implant. It can begin to develop several months after the surgery. Related: Will Bigger Implants Result in Stretch Marks?  If you notice any significant pain, hotness, swelling or any other symptom that makes you feel uncomfortable with your recent breast implant, call Dr. Richard J. Brown right away. We can set up an appointment for you immediately and allow Dr. Brown to thoroughly exam your breasts. For other questions regarding breast implant procedures or side effects, call 480-947-2455.
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