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Will Having Children Ruin the Look of My Implants?

newnameThere are so many questions that can come up when a woman finds out she is pregnant. She is about to embark on a life-changing experience, including some major changes to her body. One of the more significant changes that takes place during pregnancy involves a woman’s breasts. If you have already had implants and are pregnant, one of your questions may be will having children ruin the look of my implants?  As hormones kick in and breasts become engorged with milk, it can definitely change their size and shape.

For women with breast implants, there are often questions about how having children will affect their implants. There are concerns about the safety of breast-feeding and how the changes in their breasts will affect the look of their implants.

We hope this article helps to answer some of these questions and concerns.

Breast Implants and Pregnancy

The good news is pregnancy alone won’t affect your breast implants. As hormone levels fluctuate during pregnancy, it can cause breasts to swell and enlarge. The breasts are increasing in volume as they prepare for breastfeeding. Once breastfeeding is over, the breast will shrink in size as the breast volume decreases.

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These changes in size and shape of the breasts can be permanent. While the breast implant stays in place and holds its shape, the rest of the breast may take on a different look. It is impossible to say how much of a change will occur because it is different for each woman. In some cases, it is a very small change that doesn’t seem to make a difference. Some women are absolutely fine with the effects. For those who experience a more extreme change, a breast lift can solve the problem and restore the breasts to the way they looked before.

If you’re planning on having multiple children, it is probably a good idea to wait to have any other breast augmentation or breast lift completed until you’re finished having kids.

Breastfeeding with Implants

In most cases, women with breast implants are still okay to breastfeed when their baby is born.  Implants are placed under the ducts that produce milk and therefore, should not disrupt or interfere with breastfeeding.

However, there may be issues with breastfeeding based on where the incisions were made at the time of the implant surgery.  If incisions were made around the areola, it may have caused nerve damage, which can affect the mother’s ability to breastfeed.  This is also true if a surgeon used a periareolar incision – an incision made directly below the areola.  This type of incision may negatively impact the viability of the milk ducts.

These types of complications with breastfeeding are definitely more the exception than the norm. New mothers will be able to tell rather quickly if there are issues by simply attempting to breastfeed. It may also be a good idea to let your doctor know that you have implants so they can be sure to monitor the baby’s weight to be sure they are getting enough to eat.

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Pregnancy will often cause changes in the appearance of the breasts whether you’ve had a breast implant or not.  If you’ve had implants, you shouldn’t worry about these changes, as they are natural.  You’ll still be able to experience pregnancy and breastfeeding in a normal way.

At the end of your pregnancy, if you’re unhappy with look of your breasts, call us and we will set up a consultation with Dr. Brown to discuss your options.

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5 Surgeries Our Patients 50 and Above Love Most

As you go through life laughing, smiling, crying, squinting, drinking, eating… the list goes on an on…your face and body begin to show the signs of aging from wrinkles to droopy skin. That’s why Dr. Richard J. Brown offers procedures that can help reduce the signs of aging, giving you back your spark.

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We have a small list of surgeries that have proven to be the most popular top procedures for patients over 50amongst our older patients throughout the years. Each of them targets a problem area that we’ve noticed men and women tend to focus on in their years after 50.

  • Facelift – This will focus on the loose skin of the forehead, cheek area and jowls.
  • Necklift – A necklift procedure can be combined with a facelift procedure to address the lower part of the face and neck, where skin can lose its elasticity.
  • Browlift – Like the necklift and the facelift, it will tighten a portion of your face. Brow lifts address wrinkles on the forehead and the sagging brow, restoring a brightness and awakened look to the face.
  • Breast Surgery – This can include breast implant replacement if the patient has already had breast augmentation and also include a breast lift, one of the most popular surgeries for women over 50. It will bring  fullness and youthfulness back to your breasts, taking years off of your chest area, a place that tends to show our age.
  • Tummy Tuck – Whether you’ve had children in your younger years or not, the skin on the stomach can begin to sag and show age. This can be from yo-yo dieting or simply because with age, all of our skin will lose elasticity. With a tummy tuck, you’ll have your figure back so you can rock all the latest styles with confidence!

As with all plastic surgeries, we recommend sitting down for a consultation with Dr. Brown so you can discuss what it is you’re looking for out of your procedure. While Dr. Brown can’t turn back time, he can help you find confidence in your older age, by recommending procedures to restore volume and youthfulness to the body and face.Sun City and Scottsdale have become Dr. Brown’s home for helping men and women rediscover their love for their own bodies again.

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To schedule your consultation, please call our Sun City or Scottsdale plastic surgery office at 480-947-2455 to discuss how to regain your youthful appearance with the help of Dr. Brown.

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Get the Most Natural Look From Your Breast Augmentation

Natural Breast ImplantGone are the days when you only had two choices when it came to your breast implants; silicone or saline. As a Scottsdale plastic surgeon, Dr. Brown offers several types and styles of breast implants. You’ll be able to get the look, feel and size to match your vision.

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The natural breast implant look has been growing in popularity over the last few years. With many brand options available now, you’re sure to find the silhouette you’re looking for. The natural breast implants that we offer here at our Scottsdale and Sun City plastic surgery offices work extremely well with women with thinner builds, giving them a more natural appearance.

Our natural implant brands include:

These naturally shaped implants have been dubbed ‘gummy bear’ implants due to the viscocity of their silicone. The thicker filling keeps the implants from rippling and becoming too flimsy inside the breast.

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If you want to learn more about our natural looking breast augmentations and the surgical services Dr. Brown offers, call our Sun City or Scottsdale plastic surgery office at 480-947-2455.


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8 Ways to Prepare for a Breast Augmentation

Once you’ve committed to having plastic surgery, the best thing you can do is prepare. Set some time aside in the week leading up to your surgery to make sure everything is ready to go. The last thing you want to do is be running around the day before surgery, stressed and overwhelmed.

Use this as a checklist for some of the things you may not have thought of before your breast augmentation surgery. Scottsdale surgeon Richard J. Brown has made this list based on things he’s heard his patients say they wish they had been prepared for.

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  • Buy new bras

The last thing you’re going to want to do after surgery is go shopping. If you’ve already decided on your surgical plan with your plastic surgeon, you should know what size you’ll need. Following your recovery period, you can go out and enjoy the beauty of shopping for new bras, but for the time being, you’ll need to wear wire-free sports bras with a zip-up front. After your surgery you will be placed in a surgical bra provided by our office that has a front enclosure. It always helps to have a back up bra. Good ones can be found at any mass retailer, even Walmart.

  • Wash your sheets and prepare your bedroomprepare for breast augmentation

As with any surgery, there will be a recovery period after your breast augmentation. Have your bedroom set up so it’s a comfortable, stress-free and serene environment. Slipping into nice clean sheets will be the perfect way to begin your recovery. Get your favorite movies ready, food that will go down easy after anesthesia and have your bed set up so you can be comfortable when you return home from your procedure.

  • Go grocery shopping

Remember to stock up on soft foods for the first couple of days. As long as you are on pain medication, you will not be allowed to drive so be prepared If you find there are  things you forgot, have someone else available to help you. Driving and pushing a cart may require more energy than you have.

  • Buy a scarf

You may feel uneasy going into public following your surgery. Most of our patients want to avoid looking like they had a breast augmentation recently. In order to cover the ‘cute’ surgical bra you will be sent home in, wear high necked tops and a scarf and nobody will be any wiser!

  • Purchase over-the-counter anti inflammatories

You’ll want to get off of the heavy pain meds as soon as possible. For some patients, this is 2-3 days after surgery. It may be longer or shorter for you, but we don’t recommend taking prescription pain medication if it’s not necessary.

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  • Cocoa butter is your new best friend

Many of my patients complain that the stretching of the skin can be uncomfortable and itchy. Cocoa butter will help your skin stay hydrated and it will ease the feeling of tightness and dryness.

  • Grab bendy straws

This may seem silly, but leaning over to drink or lifting a glass to your mouth can be torture the first and second day after surgery. Bendy straws eliminate the stress on your chest and body. Drinking tons of water is one of the best things you can do following surgery so stick your straw in and get to drinking!

  • Arrange for child care (or fur baby care)

It’s important to give your body time to rest after a procedure like breast augmentation. Running around after small children or worrying if your dog or cat has food can make the recovery process stressful and stress is the last thing you need. For at least the first few days after surgery, you need to relax and give your body time to heal.

These are the top things we’ve noticed our patients tend to pass over when preparing for their breast augmentation surgery. Let us know if there’s anything you’ve noticed that should be on this list!

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brown for a breast augmentation in Scottsdale or Sun City, call our plastic surgery office at 480-947-2455.

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Don’t Let the Fear of Pain Keep You From Exploring Plastic Surgery

fear of painThe fear of pain and recovery can be the biggest deterrent from plastic surgery. Reality television shows that highlight the negative sides of cosmetic surgery can turn someone off to the idea. But the majority of our patients are surprised at how well they handle the pain following their procedure.

Pain is relative to each of our patients and each surgery is different. We have some patients that can resume activity far sooner than others depending on their pain tolerance. As always, we recommend listening to your body as that is going to be the best way to recognize when your body can begin to tolerate activity and pain medications can be reduced or done away with.

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On average, our patients use their pain medication for the first 2-3 days after their procedure. Depending on which type of plastic surgery you had, you may find that you’ll need them for an extended period of time. For example, breast augmentation patients are sometimes surprised that they don’t have as much pain as they expected after their procedure.

Some surgeries are harder on the body than others. Rhinoplasty can be a painful recovery because it can cause symptoms such as headaches and pain swallowing or speaking. Breast reconstruction can also be a painful surgery due to the amount of stretching of the skin and manipulation that Dr. Brown performs during surgery leading to pain when lifting your arms. Again, this all depends on your specific pain tolerance.

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Dr. Brown is an extremely experienced surgeon and does everything he can during surgery to make sure he lessens the amount of swelling and distress to the body. He can also help you post-procedure to help with pain management so you can have the best, most comfortable recovery possible.

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If you think you won’t tolerate the pain of plastic surgery well, bring this up to Dr. Brown during your consultation and he can address your concerns and put your mind at ease. He can also discuss your at home obligations to ensure you have the proper time to rest and recuperate following your procedure.

We know that a lot of patients have jobs they need to return to and children at home to tend to. Bring this up to Dr. Brown as well, and together you can discuss a post-operative plan to have you back on your feet as safely and as soon as possible.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brown, premier Scottsdale and Sun City plastic surgeon, call 480-947-2455.

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Budget Boobs Are a No-No

budget boobsPlastic surgery is one area you definitely don’t want to take a risk or go for the low-ball offer! While some highly experienced and sought-after plastic surgeons will run specials, they won’t be drastically marked down. Budget boobs can be a giant red flag!

Most implants cost between 1350-2200 per pair. If you see a special that dips dramatically below this you might want to do more research on your surgeon. The fact is, breast implants are expensive and you get what you pay for. If the price surprises you, they might not be using the highest grade implant.

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There’s also other expenses associated with breast augmentation besides the implants that will be included in your price. These are:

  • Anesthesia
  • Hospital or surgical center costs
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Surgeon’s fee

The best rule of thumb is if you think the deal is too good to be true, it probably is. There is no way to discount the surgical center or the cost of anesthesia. It’s important to talk to other patients, read testimonials (that can be verified) and research your doctor. We want you to walk into your breast augmentation appointment and feel 100% confident in your surgeon.

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If you want to schedule a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Brown at his Scottsdale or Sun City office, give us a call at 480-947-2455. You can feel confident that you’re making the right choice with Dr. Brown and his amazing office staff!

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Give Yourself Time to Heal After Breast Augmentation Before You Jump Back in the Gym

down time after breast augmentationHere at Richard J. Brown, we have a lot of patients who love living a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising. For those that decide to have a breast augmentation, one of their first questions is whether or not they’ll be able to maintain the same level of fitness when it comes to their chest muscles.

The answer is yes! If you give yourself ample time to recover and allow the swelling to go down and the muscles to adjust to the implants, there’s no reason you can’t go back to your regular level of exercise.

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Why You Need Down-Time Before Getting Back in the Gym

The reason Dr. Brown, Scottsdale’s premier breast augmentation surgeon, recommends you give yourself some down time is because your body needs to heal. It needs to adjust and make extra room for the implants. Additionally, scars take at least six weeks to mature. You’ll also notice after surgery that it will be painful to raise your arms. By taking 3-6 months off of chest exercises, you can be sure that when you get back in the gym, you’ll be at your best!

We understand how difficult it can be to take time off of working out, but we want to see the best possible results from your surgery and that requires you to take it easy. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay out of the gym completely! Once Dr. Brown is confident that all the swelling has gone down (this length of time will vary for each patient), you can resume light activity in the gym as long as it doesn’t include strenuous upper body workouts.

Once healing is complete, Dr. Brown will allow you to resume your normal level of activity in the gym, including upper body workouts. Your implants will maintain their shape and durability even if you have submuscular implants. The chances of a rupture from over-exertion are so small, there’s no need for you to worry.

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For further questions about working out after breast augmentation surgery or to schedule a breast augmentation consultation in Scottsdale or Sun City with Dr. Brown, please call 480-947-2455.

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How Can I Tell if My Implant Has Ruptured?

implant has rupturedBreast augmentation surgeries are extremely popular and one of Dr. Brown’s specialties. Most of our patients come with plenty of questions for Dr. Brown during their breast augmentation consultation. You’d be hard pressed to find a breast augmentation patient who hasn’t wondered if their implant will rupture. While this is a relatively unlikely occurrence, we will give you some tips on how to tell if your implant has ruptured.

  1. Check for deflation.

If you have saline breast implants, the deflation will happen rather quickly. The shape and size will change, similar to a balloon losing air. Don’t panic! Saline is simply salt water so it is usually harmless.

  1. Have it checked by a doctor if you suspect your implant has ruptured.

If you think your implant has ruptured, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Especially if your implant is a silicone implant. Silicone will leak much slower so it can take quite some time before there is any noticeable change to the size or shape. Your doctor can perform an MRI to see if there has been damage to the implant.

Often times the rupture won’t be discovered until the implants are removed. Your body develops a natural pocket of tissue around the implant and the silicone can stay in that pocket, not harming or leaking into other areas of the body.

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  1. Check for lumps and bumps.

Sometimes, you can be the best judge when it comes to a problem with your implants. Feel around for any inconsistencies in shape or size. If you notice a bump and have silicone implants, that could be a sign of a rupture.

If you ever notice any foreign lump in or around your breast, get it checked whether you have implants or not. Early detection is key for breast cancer and other diseases that can be caught by self-exams. Use this guide by the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

If you have any further questions about breast implants whether they be saline, silicone or gummy bear implants, call Dr. Brown’s Sun City and Scottsdale plastic surgery office at 480-947-2455.

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Smoking and Plastic Surgery: A Bad Mix

smoking and plastic surgeryIt’s no surprise that smoking has harmful effects on the human body. Smoking and plastic surgery is another story. Some surgeons will refuse to operate on adults who have been smoking during the period of time leading up to their surgery.

Smoking and plastic surgery simply don’t mix. There’s quite a few reasons why Dr. Brown prefers you to quit smoking before scheduling your surgery at his plastic surgery office in Scottsdale or Sun City.

Why smoking and plastic surgery don’t mix:

  • The carbon monoxide introduced into your system by smoking takes essential oxygen away from your tissue.
  • Nicotine restricts blood vessels, reducing blood flow to your skin.
  • The general effects of smoking hinder the healing process due to the damaged blood vessels and lack of oxygen in the patient’s tissue.
  • Inadequate blood flow caused by smoking can affect the look of your scars as healing takes longer.

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Dr. brown advises quitting smoking at least 6 weeks prior to your plastic surgery procedure. This will give you the ability to heal as if you were a non-smoker. Our bodies can bounce back quickly and within this time frame of quitting smoking, your body can heal as well as someone who doesn’t smoke. You want to give yourself the best possible chance at a healthy, speedy recovery so you can enjoy the benefits of your plastic surgery procedure.

If you have questions on how to quit, visit Smoke Free’s website where you can get information on quitting, how it’s affecting your body and a ‘Quit Plan’ that can make your journey easier.

For further questions on smoking and plastic surgery or to schedule your consultation please call 480-947-2455.

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Let Your Body Heal Before a Mommy Makeover

wait for a mommy makeoverHaving a child is such a wonderful experience, but as you know, it can change a woman’s body in many ways. There might come a time when diet and exercise simply can’t give you the results you’re looking for. But the big question from our patients is…

How long do I have to wait to get a mommy makeover?

Giving birth, while a beautiful time in a woman’s life,  takes a toll on the body. Not only aesthetically, but physically. It’s incredibly important to give your body time to heal after delivery. A woman’s body will also make its own natural changes following delivery, and Dr. Brown likes to see those changes happen before presenting plastic surgery as an option.

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Usually a woman’s body will be completely healed and ready for a surgical procedure after a few months. During those months a few things will happen:

  • The breast tissue will no longer be engorged with milk
  • The ‘baby weight’ will start to diminish
  • A c-section will have healed (if applicable)

Mommy makeovers will address a few areas of the body that we have chosen as the problem areas for women after childbirth. The mommy makeover includes the following cosmetic procedures:

  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast augmentation and/or breast lift
  • Liposuction

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Dr. Brown is the premiere plastic surgeon in Scottsdale and Sun City for mommy makeovers and many other plastic surgery procedures. He will make sure your body and mind are ready for a mommy makeover. If you’re concerned about how long to wait before having a mommy makeover, schedule a consultation with Dr. Brown by calling 480-947-2455.

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