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4 Common Misconceptions About Mommy Makeovers

4 Common Misconceptions About Mommy Makeovers

Sometimes becoming the “new you” means getting back to the “old you”. Any mother can tell you: Bringing a child into the world changes you. And some of those changes might not be ones you want sticking around for the rest of your life. That’s where getting back to the “old you” comes in: Thanks to mommy makeovers, you can restore your body back to its pre-childbirth state! At the office of board certified plastic surgeon Richard J. Brown, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about mommy makeovers. It’s a very popular procedure AND a highly misunderstood one. A lot of misconceptions surround this life-changing, life-enhancing process. Let us clear up the confusion by debunking four of the most common misconceptions about mommy makeovers.
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Why We Started #ReleaseYourInnerBeauty

Everybody is beautiful. That’s something we believe down to the core of our beings here at the offices of Scottsdale board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard J. Brown. Each day we have the pleasure of working with patients who are intelligent, caring, and accomplished. They’re drop-dead gorgeous, both inside and out. But not everyone sees it that way. The thing is, you can be perfectly happy with yourself as a person and still feel out of place in your own skin. Just because you are successful and intelligent and have a happy, loving family doesn’t mean you’ll feel beautiful. Sometimes in spite of all your accomplishments, you simply don’t feel whole.
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4 things you should know before breast augmentation surgery

4 Things to Know Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Are you thinking about getting breast augmentation surgery done? You’re not the only one: It’s the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the U.S.! According to a report from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were nearly 300,000 breast augmentations performed in 2014. If you’re considering getting implants or a fat transfer breast augmentation, there are some things you need to know before fully committing. At the office of board-certified plastic surgeon Richard J. Brown, we know how just powerful and life-changing a breast augmentation can be. We also know that it’s a major procedure, and one that our patients should prepare themselves for. It can take time to heal and adjust to all the changes, both physical AND mental, that you will go through as part of this procedure. Here are four things you need to know before getting a breast augmentation surgery.
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benefits of breast augmentation

3 Unexpected Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentations can do more than just change your body: They can change your life! While the physical changes and benefits brought on by getting breast implants, lifts or reductions are easy to see, what isn’t immediately apparent is the psychological and social benefits of breast augmentation. But studies have shown that there are very real psychological benefits to augmentation surgeries — you won’t just be a new you on the outside.
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mommy makeover have it all

How a Mommy Makeover Can Help You Have it All

Bringing a new life into this world is an extraordinary thing that can transform a mother both mentally and physically. Sometimes that transformation can be a radical one. Our bodies are resilient and can bounce back from so many things, but pregnancy and childbirth are special cases. They can cause permanent changes that a mother may not want to have to spend the rest of her life living with.
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myths about breast augmentation

5 Common Myths About Breast Augmentation

There’s no denying that breast augmentation is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. It was the most common cosmetic surgical procedure last year with nearly 300,000 procedures, up 35 percent in the past 15 years. But as breast augmentation increases in popularity, so do the myths that annually deter women from getting a procedure that could boost their confidence and make them feel more like themselves.
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Can Breast Implants Pop?

At the Scottsdale offices of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard J. Brown, patients often come to us for breast enhancement surgery using breast implants. During initial consultations, we repeatedly hear the same question -- “Can breast implants pop?”
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5 Ways a Breast Lift Can Change Your Life

trrtyrtyrt The decision by a woman to have a breast lift or any other breast augmentation surgery is certainly a big one.  A woman’s breasts are an important part of her identity and a defining feature of her sex. Any change to their look or appearance will be life changing.  There are definitely pros and cons to consider. Related: Get a Natural Look From Breast Augmentation But let’s just focus on the pros for a minute!  Clearly, there are some advantages to having a breast lift as it continues to be one of the most popular and sought after cosmetic surgeries around the world.  While it might seem that all women seeking a breast lift are after the same thing, the truth is everyone has their own reason.

Here are 5 ways a breast lift can change your life:

  1.  Getting Rid of the Droop
Women who have had children know how pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause drooping and sagging.  Once gravity and aging kicks in, breasts quickly lose their shape and can be a source of low self-esteem for women.  A breast lift can help to improve the look of sagging breasts. By both lifting the inner breast tissue and removing excess skin, a breast lift can create firmer, younger looking breasts.
  1.  Time for a Wardrobe Update
It’s not so fun going shopping for a new dress when you’re not confident with the look and feel of your breasts.  Some women find themselves wearing old and outdated clothes for years just because they help hide sagging breasts. It’s true that women who have breast lifts are off to the nearest shopping mall as soon as they can!  A new wardrobe and look is the perfect compliment to your enhanced breasts.
  1.  Let’s Go Swimming!
Let’s get this out there right now – there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look good in a swimsuit.  Ask women before a breast lift how many summers have come and gone without even so much as a toe in the pool because they were uncomfortable in a swimsuit.  Then watch them after their surgery, as they eagerly engage in all sorts of activities that involve a swimsuit.  Being able to spend time with family and friends at the pool and actually feel good in a swimsuit can be life altering!
  1.   Feeling Light on Your Feet
Once a woman has properly healed from a breast lift, they’re sure to notice a difference in their ability to perform physical activities.  They’ll feel more fit and lighter up top.  With firmer breasts, they are able to exercise easier.  It can make even small day-to-day activities, such as unloading groceries from a car or picking up after children seem less strenuous.  This may lead to more physical activity that can promote weight loss and more energy.
  1.  It’s All About Feeling Great!
The truth is, the number one reason women decide to have a breast lift is because they want to feel good about themselves.  They want to feel sexy and attractive like they did before.  Having kids or getting older can take a toll on a woman’s self-esteem.  If something like a breast lift can make a difference in how they feel about themselves, then it is definitely worth it.  More confidence in yourself will help you live your life more fully. Related: Budget Boobs- A Big No! If you feel that your drooping breasts are having a negative effect on your self-confidence, give us a call today.  Let us set up a consultation for you with Dr. Richard Brown to discuss your options.
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Budget Boobs Are a No-No

budget boobsPlastic surgery is one area you definitely don’t want to take a risk or go for the low-ball offer! While some highly experienced and sought-after plastic surgeons will run specials, they won’t be drastically marked down. Budget boobs can be a giant red flag! Most implants cost between 1350-2200 per pair. If you see a special that dips dramatically below this you might want to do more research on your surgeon. The fact is, breast implants are expensive and you get what you pay for. If the price surprises you, they might not be using the highest grade implant. Related: Silicone vs. Saline There’s also other expenses associated with breast augmentation besides the implants that will be included in your price. These are:
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospital or surgical center costs
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Surgeon’s fee
The best rule of thumb is if you think the deal is too good to be true, it probably is. There is no way to discount the surgical center or the cost of anesthesia. It’s important to talk to other patients, read testimonials (that can be verified) and research your doctor. We want you to walk into your breast augmentation appointment and feel 100% confident in your surgeon. Related: How to Check if Your Implant Has Ruptured If you want to schedule a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Brown at his Scottsdale or Sun City office, give us a call at 480-947-2455. You can feel confident that you’re making the right choice with Dr. Brown and his amazing office staff!
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Give Yourself Time to Heal After Breast Augmentation Before You Jump Back in the Gym

down time after breast augmentationHere at Richard J. Brown, we have a lot of patients who love living a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising. For those that decide to have a breast augmentation, one of their first questions is whether or not they’ll be able to maintain the same level of fitness when it comes to their chest muscles. The answer is yes! If you give yourself ample time to recover and allow the swelling to go down and the muscles to adjust to the implants, there’s no reason you can’t go back to your regular level of exercise. Related: 3 Steps to a Better Plastic Surgery Recovery

Why You Need Down-Time Before Getting Back in the Gym

The reason Dr. Brown, Scottsdale’s premier breast augmentation surgeon, recommends you give yourself some down time is because your body needs to heal. It needs to adjust and make extra room for the implants. Additionally, scars take at least six weeks to mature. You’ll also notice after surgery that it will be painful to raise your arms. By taking 3-6 months off of chest exercises, you can be sure that when you get back in the gym, you’ll be at your best! We understand how difficult it can be to take time off of working out, but we want to see the best possible results from your surgery and that requires you to take it easy. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay out of the gym completely! Once Dr. Brown is confident that all the swelling has gone down (this length of time will vary for each patient), you can resume light activity in the gym as long as it doesn’t include strenuous upper body workouts. Once healing is complete, Dr. Brown will allow you to resume your normal level of activity in the gym, including upper body workouts. Your implants will maintain their shape and durability even if you have submuscular implants. The chances of a rupture from over-exertion are so small, there’s no need for you to worry. Related: The Difference Between Saline and Silicone Breast Implants For further questions about working out after breast augmentation surgery or to schedule a breast augmentation consultation in Scottsdale or Sun City with Dr. Brown, please call 480-947-2455.
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